Monday, September 3, 2012

Symptoms of Foot Pain When Running

Running is an exhilarating sport. There is a lot to be said about it and yet is quite a simple physical activity to undertake. If you are not an Olympic aspirant, running is a sport that needs no coach. This is actually something you learn to do almost from after your first step and something your parents love to have you discover all on your own. As the years progress, it is also the activity of choice for the busy student and then later the busy executive or small business owner. They say it takes only thirty to forty minutes of cardiovascular activity in the day to maintain a fit and healthy body. A lot of folks turn to running because it is easy and since it is a cardio workout that definitely burns a lot of calories.
Our feet are our partners in any physical activity. They are made of twenty-six bones and thirty-three joints and were created to do simple but essential physical activities. They are our body's shock absorbers. They support our weight and help us move forward or backward. They help us keep our balance especially on uneven ground. It goes without saying that our feet are really exposed to possible pain and injury. Activities like walking and running add to the stress on our feet and are possible causes of foot pain and injury.
There are signs for a person to know that there is something really wrong with the foot pain experiences. The common signs and symptoms consist of tenderness on the foot, swelling and redness, warmth at the site that is painful, difficulty in walking or standing, and increasing pain when active like when walking or standing which decreases during rest. There may be many reasons for this both external and internal. The main external reason is improper footwear.
Most of the causes for top of foot pain is internal in entire from simple problems like ingrown toenails to hammertoe to nerve entrapments, stress fractures, or bone spurs to things that are natural like hormonal changes and aging.
The most important things to remember are that if you experience more and persistent pain in the top of foot area, you should stop and reassess your physical activities and your body. Look at the signs and symptoms of top of foot pain. Take a look and see if there are natural changes happening. Maybe you have put on more weight than you are aware of making the stress on your feet naturally greater. Maybe you have a running injury and you are just unaware of this. Taking all factors into consideration and seriously is a step towards getting the solution to alleviating any top of foot pain.

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