Friday, August 24, 2012

Plantar Wart Removal Surgery - When Should I Consider It?

Plantar warts differ greatly from your common wart in that they form on the sole of the feet. When they form, these warts tend to build up thick calluses. A callus is a very thick and hard piece of skin. The warts are usually flat and are well hidden beneath the callus. In most cases, the callus needs to be peeled off so that the wart can become visible for it to be cleared. Over the years, those infected with this type of warts have invented their own plantar wart home treatment remedies or have resorted to using other home treatment options that they found in existence to get rid of the problem. While majority of those infected have been able to proclaim positive results, there are situations whereby some infected individuals did not fare so well and as a result had to turn to surgery for treatment. Below are a few instances.
Very painful warts
All plantar warts are painful and uncomfortable but some of them are more painful than others. The degree of pain experienced usually depends on one's genetics and whether they're suffering from other diseases that affect the nervous system. If you're experiencing very painful warts that are making it difficult for you to walk or even stand then you need to consider plantar wart removal surgery to get rid off the problem immediately instead of relying on home remedies.
You suffer from diabetes
Why is that exactly? The major reason why diabetics should get surgery treatment is because most of the concocted home remedies for wart treatment are not suitable for their condition. Studies have revealed that these remedies can aggravate and even complicate their conditions further unless they receive proper treatment from a licensed practitioner. If you're a diabetic and you're reading this then it is best you seriously consider opting for plantar warts treatment via surgery.
You're not really sure whether what you have is really a wart or a growth of some sort. You've already gone through numerous plantar wart pictures but you can't seem to ascertain that you are indeed affected by these warts. The only logical step left is to consult a physician for further examination to confirm, then have the wart removed using one of the many surgical procedures in existence. You can also consider this option if your wart does not heal fully even after trying different home treatment remedies. It might be something else other than what you thought and you need to seek professional help to get that clarified.

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