Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lose Weight By Playing Sports

If you want to lose weight in a healthy way then you must make regular exercise an integral part of your weight loss plan. Relying just on your diet can be very tricky at times. This is because body is always in need of special nutrients and fasting and unmonitored dieting can deprive you of them. This can lead to many metabolic diseases and vitamin deficiency disorders.
Suggesting that someone workout in gym for 2 hours a day is very easy but when it comes to practical reality it is very hard to spare enough time for your workouts and exercise. In this time of distress, sports come to rescue. Sports are interesting activities that can engage you for hours and hours. Playing your favorite sport, having fun with your friends and enjoying the thrill of victory can be very helpful in reducing your weight as well as in keeping you mentally fit and fresh.
Here are three most highly rates sports that are considered ideal for weight loss according to physiotherapists:
Rowing is a very good exercise. Though it mainly targets your arms, shoulders and back but the forces generated on your lumber region and abs can bring about miraculous results within a couple of weeks. Rowing is a very fun and joyful sport. Rowing in form of teams and competing with one another will burn enough calories of yours that flat abdomen will be guaranteed. The only issue with this sport is that you need to go to some lakeside for rowing and owning a boat of your own can very expensive.
Cycling is a day to day activity more than a sport. It is a matchless way of burning extra calories from your body. Cycling targets the fats on your belly and thighs. You should not restrict yourself to cycling only on weekends or picnic days; rather it should be considered a healthy way of travelling. Cycling for around 12 kilometers a day will help you in reducing almost 2 pounds in a week.
Play soccer and be a star:
If you want to have the figure of a celebrity you need a game like soccer. 90 minutes of thrill in a green field every day will ensure that you have the ideal figure by the end of the month. Remember you do not have to play as a center forward all the time; goal keeper is not a bad position to start.

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