Sunday, October 14, 2012

What Is Smartlipo and Is It for You?

Smartlipo is one of the more popular options in terms of the latest cosmetic surgeries. In short, it is a method of removing some of the deposits of body fat from the body. It is usually done in a much smaller area than traditional liposuction, though the method used is about the same. It is sometimes called laser lipolysis as well. Is this the right option for your needs? To know that, you will need to see a cosmetic surgeon who will examine you and give you the ultimate decision in whether or not this is a good procedure for you.
How It Works
In this procedure, there are some significant differences compared to traditional liposuction. In traditional liposuction, a doctor uses a wand inserted under the skin. The wand uses a form of suction to remove the fat cells from the body. However, in Smartlipo, there is no suction. Rather, a laser is used to liquefy the fat. This is a completely different route to take that may be less invasive. Once the fat is in a liquid form, the surgeon cuts incisions into the skin, usually of a very small size, to drain the liquid from the body.
Is It Better?
This procedure can be a good option in many situations. It is a good option in that it does not require the significantly more invasive insertion of a wand into the abdomen or other area for the removal of fatty tissue. That procedure can be more problematic as well because there is a greater risk of damaging the organs. You will heal faster with this method and you will likely have less pain.
Where Can It Be Used
Unlike traditional liposuction, this procedure works best on smaller areas. The procedure does not necessarily take a long time, but it does require the localized areas of fatty deposits to liquefy for draining. A large area, on the other hand, is not possible to treat all at once. However it is possible to come back for additional procedures. Doctors can use it on the abdomen, back, legs, upper arms and even the face and chin in some cases. You and your doctor can determine if this is the right option for your specific needs.
Overall, Smartlipo can be a good option for many people. It is not meant to be a weight loss tool but rather a tool for sculpting the body into the right form. It can help you to get rid of unwanted areas of fatty tissue deposits for good. Moreover, it is less invasive and just as effective as other methods.

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