Thursday, October 25, 2012

Find the Best Protein Powder and Maximize Results

Protein powder is commonly used by bodybuilders and others trying to enhance their muscle mass. Intense strength training sessions place a huge demand on the body for high quality protein that can be used to repair muscle tissue and strengthen the muscle to handle the next session better. This is how muscle is gained, fat is burned, and that pumped up, strong physical shape is developed. Protein may also be used by those trying to lose weight, since the protein creates satiety without requiring a high intake of calories.
No matter what you may want to use your protein for, you will need to find the best whey protein powder on the market if you want to maximize results. There are a lot of powders to choose from right now, so use the following criteria to isolate the best option for your goals.
100% Is Essential
The best protein powder will always say "100% whey protein powder" on the label. If it just says "whey protein," you are not looking at the best powder for your goals. You want to find a powder that uses whey protein isolates as the foundation of the formula. These products will offer more protein in every serving. This means less fat and cholesterol in every serving.
The 100% Whey Gold Standard formula made by Optimum Nutrition is a great example of a powder that uses the highest quality whey protein isolates for higher protein content in every serving. You take in five grams of BCAAs and 23 grams of protein in every serving.
Mix and Chug
You should be able to mix your protein with other ingredients to create a shake or drink in very little time. You will probably be using the best whey protein powder to create drinks for muscle recovery after intense muscle-building workouts. You either need to have the drink mixed and ready to go ahead of time, or you need to get it ready without a long wait. When you use a high quality formula like 100% Whey Gold Standard from Optimum Nutrition, the powder will be ready to mix and dissolve when you need that protein boost.
The Sweet Side
The problem with protein powder is that it doesn't taste the greatest without some type of sweetener and flavoring. Best whey protein powders are sold in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry banana, tropical punch and many other different flavors, and there are some other characteristics you may find from some brands. Some have more sweeteners than others, but that is not always a good thing.
Flavoring and sweeteners make the best whey protein powders taste better, but the sweetener is not always the healthiest thing for your body. It is not so easy to find plain whey protein powder supplements without any sweetener, because most users will not buy it if it tastes horrible. The solution is to find a product that uses a rich flavor without a lot of sweetener. Many find the 100% Whey Gold Standard formula to be too light on the sweet side, but that is actually better for your body. The taste is still pleasing on the tongue, but you don't pump your body full of artificial sweeteners or sugar.
Realistic Expectations
Whey protein powder supplements are not intended to take the place of lean protein sources in your daily diet. The best whey protein powder supplements will always give guidelines on how much you should be using on a daily basis. Listen to those guidelines if you want to maximum results.

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