Monday, September 17, 2012

The Link Between Running and Foot Pain

Running is a well known and a much preferred sport as it does not need any other equipment. It is mostly based on the movement of the body. Our feet play a pivotal role for running and thus foot pain can be a cause of distress in most runners. Generally more than 17% of the injuries caused by running happen in the foot. A majority of the foot injuries occur due to excessive exercise, faulty running pattern and habits which have become a part of us. We often fail to realize that something is wrong unless things become extreme and our normal functioning is hampered. You need to nip the pain in the bud before it is too late.
Some of the main causes of foot pain and running are:
Plantar Fasciitis: Plantar fasciitis is caused due to an inflammation of the planter tendon which exists in the foot. Often there are tiny tears in this tendon which causes injuries. Around 10% of the runners suffer from this type of injury annually. The first sign of this is an unbearable pain in the heel which is even more severe during the early morning hours. This is accompanied by a sensation of being bruised at the heel.
Achilles Tendinitis: This ailment occurs when there is excessive pressure on the heel. The calf muscles then tighten up and this leads to pain.
Stress Fractures: Stress fractures happen due to any external force or an impact. This impact may be sudden or continuous. At times it can also happen with a faulty walking and running patterns. You need to consult a doctor in case you suffer from stress fractures.
Blisters and Calluses: while running there is a lot of friction in the toes and feet. This leads to growth and abrasion of the skin. If you find any type of blister or abrasion then you should take proper measures to ensure that the pain is minimal. If neglected this condition may become infectious.
Ways to avoid foot pain:
While running one must take proper care to ensure that the foot is not injured or stressed in any manner. In case you have suffered from any foot pain ailment then you should take proper care to ensure that the pain does not reoccur.
1. In case you frequently face stress fractures then you need to visit your doctor and check on the walking style. This may be because of faulty walking and running pattern which leads to stress.
2. Buy a proper pair of sneakers which are meant especially for running. Replace them before they wear out as worn out shoes often cause foot pain and harm.
3. Do not overdo anything. In case you need to intensify your training pattern, then too you must make sure that the increase is gradual and not sudden. You need to give time for your feet to adapt and become strong.
4. You need to make sure that your core is strong as it is important to remain stable and avoid getting injured.
5. Never break out into a run before warming up. This will allow your legs to be prepared and balanced.
6. Follow a proper cool down pattern post your rigorous running session.
7. Always stretch after a sprint as this will help to relieve the muscle pain. Stretching also enables the muscles to become flexible.

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