Thursday, September 13, 2012

Could Foot Pain Be Coming From a Simple Shoe Problem?

What role do shoes play in foot pain?
Whenever we begin to experience foot pain we tend to try to rationalize what internal medical issue could be causing the discomfort. But oftentimes, the pain is due to something a little closer to home: our shoes. Most people aren't aware of how much shoes impact the overall health of our feet. And since we rely on them so much, when our feet aren't happy, we suffer the consequences.
How the wrong shoes can affect us
When we purchase shoes, we tend to go more off of fashion than fit. But just because a shoe provides extra cushion is not necessarily a good thing. A shoe needs to have the proper support to give our legs and spine the rigidity that it needs to support us. If our shoes are too padded, then our body has to compensate by pulling the extra necessary support from our legs, hips and back.
On the other end of the spectrum are shoes that are too rigid. When shoes do not provide adequate support, the feet are forced to absorb the impact from walking and standing that would normally be taken care of by the design of the proper shoe. This unnecessary strain on the feet can cause pain in the legs, knees, hips, lower back and even the neck and spine. It can especially result in headaches and pinched nerves.
The importance of being properly fitted
The most common practice for purchasing shoes is to walk into a store and pick one off of the shelves that we like. While style and color are important to us, having the proper fit should be another crucial consideration. It is important to try shoes on in the store and walk around in them. Simply standing up in them to see if they fit isn't adequate. Walking around and standing in them will determine if they are the appropriate shoes for you.
If you feel even the slightest bit of discomfort from a pair of shoes, do not buy them. This subtle hint is just the beginning. Your feet are trying to tell you that what you are experiencing is just the tip of the gigantic iceberg that is in store for you.
Resolving shoe issues
Besides the obvious remedy of not wearing the shoes, you should also see a pain specialist to determine the extent of your pain and what they can do for you to alleviate it. There is no reason to live with residual pain caused by wearing the wrong shoes. Have your discomfort looked at and properly diagnosed so you can put the spring back in your step.

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