Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Are You in Need of a Foot Surgeon?

Your feet are a very important part of the human body. In order to get around, one has to be able to rely on their feet to get around. In order to transport the human body, your feet need to be healthy, intact and flexible. When there are problems with your feet such as broken bones, fractures and torn tendons, you are going to need to receive your care from a foot surgeon. This doctor can diagnose any condition that is causing you discomfort and provide treatment to alleviate your pain and promote healing. They can determine if there has been a more significant disfiguration in your feet and how that disruption can interfere with the movement and flexibility of that part of your body.
Since your feet are made of 33 joints which are compromised of 26 bones with muscles and nerves in between. Many foot problems do not occur from doing odd movements or extreme sports, many of the problems come from the amount of stress your feet have to endure from supporting the weight of the body all day. It is very hard to ignore when there is a condition that warrants medical treatment. Some conditions can be treated at home if you can find the time to take a break from your routine for a few days, however if time does not offer you the option and you suspect your injury is more severe, you need to go and see a foot surgeon.
The best way to know what you are dealing with is to go and see a foot surgeon so they can assess your condition. It is important to seek care right away, because the longer you attempt to walk around on feet that have been injured, the more damage you can cause and the worse your condition can get. If the doctor determines that surgery is not necessary, make sure you follow all of their instructions for caring for your feet. Often at home care instructions include rest, applying temperature compresses, pain medication. The more committed you are to following your doctor's orders the less likely you are to make the condition worse. Your foot surgeon will keep track of your progress and if your foot is not healing as well as it should, you may have to have surgery instead.
Did you know that people get surgery for bunions? The amount of discomfort having a bunion can cause is very disruptive to living a normal life. This condition is caused when a toe usually the big one has become misaligned. Certain types of fractures also necessitate the need for surgery. Sometimes you could have an injury that appears as a swelling and causes you some mild discomfort, but it is actually a more severe condition like a broken or fractured joint. This is why it is so important to get to a foot surgeon so they can rule out the obvious and get you the right treatment right away.

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